Boys Room Shelves

Hey Friends!

I wanted to do a quick blog post about where I got everything I needed/wanted to help organize the boys room!

Also I am not one for blogs with a whole story before the info you want so let’s do a shop the image!

Bottom Soft Buckets - Also comes in plain beige, great for kids who like to climb in because they seem fairly indestructible compared to other types of buckets.

Grey Plastic Buckets - I used to get the soft foldable cube buckets and they always get wrecked by my kids. So these are nice and sturdy.

Clear Lego Boxes - These are smaller than I planned but actually a really good size for legos! Lid snaps on so won’t dump out if it’s dropped.

White Shelves - Love these because they are pre finished. Saved me a lot of time, probably not the most cost efficient option.

Brackets - These are great and one inexpensive options for light storage but not goot enough for geavy storage such as books. Here are the brackets I will use to replace the shelf with the books! Bookshelf Brackets

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