Oh Mr. Carter how sweet you are...

This little man arrived prematurely and was in the NICU for 5 weeks, so when I got him in the studio at 7 weeks old he still weighed less then my Lily did when she was born! He was such a trooper for us, for still being on oxygen when he came in, he did great off of it while we got some sweet shots.

And boy does he love his momma! He didn't settle much until he was with mom and then he would snuggle in and go straight to sleep, resulting in some very precious shots with mom.

I always want to leave the key elements of a session up to mom and dad, so for this petite session we put a lot more focus on shots with mom and dad. Made me wonder why I don't do more of these because some of these shots are now some of my all time favorites!!

Hope you enjoy!