Jake Fresh 48

I absolutely loved having the opportunity to take baby Jakes fresh 48 newborn pictures for this sweet family, and can't wait to get some more of these in my schedule!

In the past 5 years of starting my photography journey I never felt like I was in a place to start offering this type of session, between having babies of my own and moving it really hasn't been good timing.

So now that we are settled and the two big boys are older I am so excited to start offering this type of session.

So what is a fresh 48 newborn session?

It is a lifestyle session (less posed) where I come to the hospital the day of baby's arrival or the next morning for about an hour, to capture those first precious moments of soaking in the brand new baby! Babies change so quickly in the first few days after they arrive and I love that everyone is still amazed and besotted with baby, those fresh emotions do fade with time so I love the chance to be able to capture them when I can.