What to expect for the perfect session!

I get a lot of questions about what to expect with your session so here are my answers to frequently asked questions!

1. What to wear!?

Dos: The best answer I have for this is to keep it as neutral or monochrome as you can. If someone wants to wear a pattern or print try to organizing the rest of your family around that outfit. In the summer time light neutrals or light colors make you and your family pop in your images! In the fall you can get away with darker colors/neutrals but try to choose one or two main colors!

Don'ts: Lots of patterns and colors become distracting to the image, especially in the summer time when there is a lot of colors in the background already. Thin stripes cause an unappealing effect called the Moire effect in your images, so thicker stripes or no stripes is the best choice. Reflective colors will cast colors onto faces which is timely to remove in editing and could lead to an added editing fee if it adds a significant amount of editing time.

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2. How many images are included?

A: I have a specific number set for each session but the total number really depends on how you guys do during your session (newborn sessions are a specific number). So to maximize the number of images...

Do: Come prepared with poses in mind, this makes the transitions between shots a lot faster/smoother which leads to more poses and images for your gallery. If you have small children bring something they love that I can hold and bring some treats to promise them at the end for good behavior. A well rested fully fed kid/baby does the best.

Don't: Schedule your session in the middle of a nap time or meal time, this almost always leads to a grumpy kid. Please do not wait until you get to your session to think about the shots/poses you want. I have a lot of poses and shots in mind but you will get more out of your session if my ideas are more supplemental to what you already have in mind!

I have a lot of client interest in the unposed styled session, but this depends a lot on you and your preparation for your session! Here is the link to my Pinterest with family posing ideas!


3. How do I receive my images?

A: I will send you an online gallery through the website shootproof. Through this gallery you will be able to download your included images and have the option to order prints through my professional lab of choice.

4. Do I have to order prints through you?

A: No, you will receive a print release with your images which allows you to print your images however you would like. I will note though, if you order through me you will receive a high quality image from a professional print lab (Millers). If you choose to print from a quick print lab (Walmart, Walgreens, Shutterfly etc.) chances are the colors in your image will differ from what I deliver to you.

5. Is the half session, full session or mini session the best option for me?

Mini Session: This is the best option if you are wanting a couple updated images for a Christmas card or a couple images to print and hang on your wall (These are very limited and will be offered to previous clients before new clients)

Half Session: This is the best option if you half a small family (1-2 Kids) and you want more family shots with a couple of individuals of the kids. This is also good for a first kid maternity session for you and your significant other! Also great for kid/baby sessions. I have specific location spots for the half sessions.

Full Session: This is the best option if you have a larger family (3-5 kids, grandparents) and you would like a lot of poses and individual shots of everyone. This is also the best option if you are wanting more of an interactive session/less posed, as it takes everyone some time to warm up and relax for the best shots. If you have a specific location that is not on my suggested list of spots I will suggest a full session as it will give me more time to find the best lighting spots to get the most out of your session. This is also the session to book if you want to combine session types, family session with a 1 year session for example.

Here is a recent styled half family session done at the Las Conchas picnic ground!